Scomadi Scooters

Registered in 2005, Scomadi Ltd is a British Company and partnership between two Internationally recognised pioneers of the scooter industry - Frank Sanderson of Scooter Innovation Ltd and Paul Melici of PM Tuning Ltd. United, Frank and Paul hold 60 years of Scooter Industry experience and together they created Scomadi. 10 years of intense research and product development have been invested in the Scomadi brand and as such the proof of its worth includes many accolades, a World Record and several British Titles in the Scooter Sprint arena. Scomadi has been embraced by scootering enthusiasts worldwide with many International Clubs established. A rapidly expanding dealership network in the UK, Europe, Oceania and Asia has seen Scomadi take its place amongst the iconic predecessors who have inspired its creation. It’s an exciting time to be a Modern Classic.